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"Standing at a crossroads in my career, I hired Karen to help me clarify my strengths and values and explore different careers that would be a good fit for my personality and goals. Just a few months later, I have a strong vision of my future career and a clear path forward. Karen's empathy, wisdom, advice and support has been invaluable in making this decision, and I have no doubt that if I had not worked with Karen, I would still be feeling stuck and unsure of what steps to take. Karen truly heard me and she customized a program of discovery to help me quickly find the answers that had been within me all along, but that would have taken months, if not years, to unearth. I am immensely grateful for this experience and would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is in the midst of a career transition. A wise investment in yourself." - Alicia O.

"Karen is an amazing person and an incredible Coach! She can help you break through blocks, guide you to a successful path and provide you with exactly what you need to enable success! She is focused on YOUR success making it a WIN WIN for anyone who works with Karen!" - Kimberly M.